Saware Dicha – Develop Saware

In Saware, a small village in the South of Ethiopia, children walk long distances to get to school, with steep paths on the way and dangerous animals. And more is not ok: Children, especially girls, and women walk long distances to get drinking water, but that water is not clean. And women cook on open three stone fires, which creates a lot of smoke inside the houses. The dirty water and all the smoke make especially children and women sick. And again children and women walk long distances to collect wood for cooking.

With Saware Dicha, we want to solve these problems step by step – in a sustainable way.

  • We create access to pure drinking water – inside the village
  • We introduce improved cooking solutions which procude less smoke and use less wood
  • We create access to better education – by building a school inside the village and enusring quality education – for boys and girls

As Kebede, the Co-Founder of Saware Dicha, is a real local, he knows how to work with the people in Saware. Together with our professional knowledge in the team and our network in Ethiopia we bring this to reality! Support us!