The story

Kebedes story:

„Saware is a small village in the South of Ethiopia, in the zone of Wolayta. I was born in that village and as a child I had to walk to school long distances to another village, facing dangerous situations on the way with steep paths and sometimes dangerous animals like poisonous snakes. While sitting at school my mind was already on the long way back which consisted of minimum one hour climbing up the hill again which I didn’t like. So I listened only partly to my teachers. Still now, the situation is the same in Saware. Children from Saware village have to take the same way and walk the same long distances to school as when I was young. I found my own way in my life, went to the city, worked and continued school there, building up everything on my own. And it was my dream since I left my village, to help children to have a better life, starting with having better access to education and to quality education. And this with having a school in Saware village itself. I want to give the children a chance to improve their life in their home community in a sustainable way. Beside the children, the more vulnerable part of the population in Saware and similar villages are especially women and girls. When girls go to school and have better education, they can be empowered for their own future. This is why I also want to focus on girls’ education.“